Good Art Guide Issue 8 - Page 10


Curtis Hughes

I am a London based Paper artist. Originally, I’m from Leicester and I studied printmaking at the University of the West of England. In addition to my practice, I work full time as an art teacher.

My interest in papercutting evolved from seeking a link between the immediacy of my drawing and the methodical process of gauging a woodcut. The freehand papercuts have the spontaneity of a sketch, combined with the archaeology of the tactile print. I’m interested in the act of cutting, and creating the detail of the scene through the marks I expose.

My works explore the wilderness around us. I love the chaos in London, I love the urban unknown. I imagine the viewer moving through an environment and catching small snapshots or imagining scenes out of the corner of their eye. I think there’s a depth to be found in uncovering a passing moment or a throwaway image and that sits uneasily with the time-consuming process of papercutting.