Golden Pen for Christian Women Magazine Abundant Living - Issue 2, 2013 - Page 4

Abundant Living From the Editor’s Desk Hayley Solich “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly...” This scripture has been the anchor for the whole Golden Pen Magazine brand, as our value based vision has been to share wisdom that all may experienced a higher level of abundance. So as we focus on what it means to live life abundantly, it is our prayer as a team that you will experience a higher level of abundance. So what is abundance? Is it just an oversupply of everything you need or desire? Or is it a state of the heart - a fullness to overflowing of vision and joy? Abundant Living to me is all about living each day with a mind-set of limitless thinking. If it is in relation to making changes in the world, it is the attitude that change is possible and the passion to create that change. If it is in relation to enjoying every day, then the attitude is one of excitement and joy. Abundant living does not have to correspond to your bank balance, as you will hear many of our contributors re-iterate. It goes way deeper and really affects the state of our hearts. I also think that abundant living is an attitude that we have towards things and people. I have made it my lifetime attitude to hold people and things lightly. Tight enough that they know they are loved or respected and loose enough to allow things and people to come and go easily from my life without causing devastation. Poverty is a state of mind, for I have seen more people ‘rich’ who have very little than those who have much. Wealth really relates to the state of mind and heart. Finally, abundant living embraces abundant thinking and giving. When we think abundantly we open ourselves to sharing with others. This is a mentality that sees all things as being ‘in common’. I have, you need, so I give. Open yourself to new ideas and old ones as you read this issue. Enjoy! 4? Golden Pen