Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 98

washed away the labours of her nights work in lemon-scented water. The tools of her trade, her trophies and clothes were placed in a specially constructed suitcase and left just inside the door. Sitting in front a large dressing table mirror she applied a little shadow around her almond shaped eyes and a little blush of pink to her full lips. As she fastened delicate pearl studs to her ears, she brushed an auburn curl behind her ear. The movement warmed her with fond memories of her father doing just the same when she was a little girl. She would lie with her head on his lap and he would stroke her ears gently teasing her by saying she had the ears of a forest elf. She laughed at the memory as she pinned her hair up. She dressed quickly and made to leave the room. She paused for a moment and removed the small punch dagger from her white garter belt and secreted it into a drawer that no well-bred gentleman would care to look. Before extinguishing the candles she stood in front of the full- length mirror, its gilded frame stained orange in the firelight. Her heart nearly skipped a beat at the image that met her eyes. She saw how beautiful she looked in her wedding dress. And with a joyful heart she gently closed the door behind her and went to re-join her blissfully unaware bridegroom.