Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 97

on the carved flowers on one its four vertical columns. A low fire cast a weak orange glow into the room from within the stone surround. A pair of adorning silver bells hung there. She could make out the source of the fragrance she found so pleasing- dark petals laid into the shape of a heart lay stark against the finest white sheets. Mindful of the passing seconds she quickly crossed the room, carefully opened the door and slipped into the empty corridor. Keeping low she kept to the shadows. Soon she came to the railings that over looked the grand hall. Just as she had hoped the gentle sound of snoring met her ears. Below, guests in their finery slumped over tables in deepest slumber. Her eyes quickly rested upon her bridegroom and she smiled. Strands of blonde had fallen over his closed eyes. He looked so handsome, so young, so at peace. Waiting staff stood around the guests, like statues, poised with silver platters laden with food and the finest wines and spirits. Just as her employer said it would be. The timing of the re-emergence of the vampire had been inconvenient to say the least. But the presence of such a creature in their city could not be left unchallenged. Her employer understood that she could not be in two places at the same time, so he had used a portion of his considerable power and influence to make it appear she had never left the hall. Toasting wine laced with the hint of the cleverest of magic, by the employers most trusted confidant. Tasteless, odourless but enough to put the drinker into a deep sleep only to be awoken by a whisper, never aware that they had slept at all. Satisfied she slipped back to the room. She lit a few candles and undressed quickly. She found the basin that had been left for her and