Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 93

All in a Night’s Work By Drew Neary The wandering folk of Everon speak often of the things that live in the shadows. Blood is the seat of the soul they say. As a man bleeds out his last, some of elemental power of that soul drains away within the crimson flow. They say that the emotions of the dying, the pain, the horror, the fear and despair flavour the last few drops of blood and can be tasted, savoured and cherished by those with the darker souls. Avadine remembered her brother telling her this one stormy night. Hid under the covers, with a tiny lantern, scary stories and creepy rhymes as their Father strode into the night, a crossbow in one hand a wooden stake in the other, the Shepherd out into the black to protect his flock. That simple piece of wood had saved his life that night.