Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 90

down on a big rock, and rubbed her ankle while she looked for something to use as a crutch. When she found a large enough stick, she hobbled toward home, but stopped when she heard a noise. “Help, Chrissie…” She could barely hear it over the howling wind and blinding snow. She walked unsteadily through the deepening snow trying to locate the source of the sound. As she stumbled on a rock, she saw a figure seated underneath a tree and heard a low moaning sound. She stopped, listening for the sound again. Chrissie limped over to the figure and brushed the snow away from the figure. The stick dropped out of her hand as she gasped, “Mom what are doing here? Oh no, you’re bleeding. What happened?” “I was looking for you, when I tripped and hit my head on a rock,” Mom finished wiping off the remaining snow. “I’m so happy you found me. We were so worried about you,” Mom says as she tried to stand up. She fell back to the ground. She pulled herself back up and leaned onto Chrissie for support. “Mom, I’m sorry for everything,” Chrissie said. “I was wrong, and I shouldn’t have left that way. Can you forgive me?” “My dear child, there is nothing to forgive. I wasn’t thinking of you. Can you forgive me?” Mom pulled Chrissie in close. “We can have your party next week. I’ll take you into town tomorrow for supplies.” “Mom, I love you,” Chrissie hugged Mom even tighter, “and I still need you.”