Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 89

“Cheryl, thank goodness you’re here. Mom blames me for the accident and to punish me she won’t let me have a birthday party.” “Chrissie come with me. There is something you should see,” Cheryl stretched out her hand to Chrissie. They went to the farmhouse and into Chrissie’s bedroom. Mom rushed over to Chrissie’s bed and read the note. “Why would she do this? How could she run away like this?” Aunt Sybil followed Mom into the room, “Patty, everything will be okay.” “I don’t blame her for the accident. How could I let her think that?” Mom cried as she fell on the bed. “I love her so much. She is my whole world.” Aunt Sybil took Mom in her arms. “Don’t worry, Patty. We’ll find her. I’ll call the police and you go out and look for her.” Chrissie looked at Cheryl and frowned. “How could I have thought that Mom blamed me for the accident? I have to go home. I need to talk to Mom.” Cheryl and Chrissie returned to the spot by the creek. Cheryl faded away and Chrissie started for home. She wanted to get home and tell Mom she loved her. Stepping on the icy stones, she struggled to cross the creek. Her foot slipped on an ice-covered stone. She fell into the icy cold water and twisted her ankle. Chrissie sputtered and spit as she floundered in the water to get up. The water chilled her to the bone, and she was shivering uncontrollably. When she stood up and tried to walk, a shot of pain traveled up her ankle and she winced in agony. After scrambling to the bank, she sat