Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 84

“I don’t know. I just have to leave,” Chrissie put on her jacket. “I hate it here and I hate you for bringing me here!” She slammed the door behind her and ran down the long winding driveway. She turned on the old dirt road and ran to a place where the creek narrowed so she could cross. Then she climbed a gentle slope and sat down beside a small stream that trickled into the creek. The trees burned in autumn hues and the late afternoon sun in concert with a gentle breeze created dancing shadows on the grass that softened Chrissie’s mood. Chrissie made herself comfortable on a soft mound of grass and pulled out her journal. She wrote, “Cheryl, can you ever forgive me for not saving your life? I should’ve stayed in the creek with you. If I had been driving more carefully then I wouldn’t have had to swerve off that road to miss the deer. Why didn’t I take the regular way home then we would never have been there in the first place? Please forgive me. I never wanted you to die. I need you. Please come back to me.” A bright iridescent light began to glow around her. Chrissie looked up from her journal and saw a hazy figure floating in the trees across the stream. On the whisper of the breeze Chrissie heard a soft voice, “Chrissie, come to me.” As the white haze, solidified Chrissie saw a figure in a flowing white dress that fluttered in the breeze with gold flecks that twinkled in the sunshine and a hand held out beckoning Chrissie. Chrissie stood up as if in a trance and approached the figure. When Chrissie reached the vision, she saw her sister’s face. Chrissie shook as she took a step back.