Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 83

Searching for Cheryl By Christina Weigand “Mom, why did we move here?” Chrissie yelled, stomping into the kitchen of the farmhouse. “I want to go home. Cheryl isn’t here.” Irritated, Mom set down the cake mix she was mixing. “You know why we moved here. It was too hard to stay in that house after your accident and Cheryl’s death” Chrissie ran out of the room. “I was fine in our old house. I could still talk to Cheryl and I didn’t miss her so much,” she cried as she grabbed her jacket. “Whenever I needed her I could just go to our room or the old tree house.” “Chrissie, stop. Where are you going?” Mom called out as she ran after her. “It’s almost dinnertime and you still have homework.”