Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 82

Were replaced in shop windows with coupon offers and for sale signs. The police no longer considered it an open case, and her parents aged and faded like the posters. In time too she might ask to be returned. But only if the fairies and those with un- finished lives decided they no longer loved her as much as they did. And they did. Didn’t they. For Everything is a story In a book © Ceri Westaway Williams I live in the East Midlands,Uk.I co-write with Drew Neary and also write independently. I have been published traditionally by Harper Collins but choose now to go down the indie route as it gives me more flexibility and control over content and presentation. As a writer I choose which rules of grammar and language I accept or dismiss. That fluidity allows the nature of the story to have its own meaning and life. We have had a busy 2 years with our book The Clockmaker, and the sequel is in the pipeline. We have appeared on television, radio, at author events and in magazines.