Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 80

were quite private and needed looking after. William Blake claimed to have seen a fairy funeral. That was another one of Mummy’s books. With pictures of God. And men looking cross. “'Did you ever see a fairy's funeral, madam?' said Blake to a lady who happened to sit next to him. 'Never, sir!' said the lady. 'I have,' said Blake, 'but not before last night.' And he went on to tell how, whether she liked it or not, that-in his garden, he had seen a procession of creatures of the size and colour of green grasshoppers helping to carry a body laid out on a rose-leaf, which they buried with songs, and then disappeared. Burial mounds for fairies were just little lumps you see. Not like in the churchyard at Daddy’s church. No. You had to look very closely at the grass to see them. Some people never knew they were there at all. But she did. And so did William. Who was very dead by now. She always checked there were none in the park, because the dead and the fairies both lived under these green mounds, and you couldn’t eat food in both Fairyland or Hades. She wasn’t quite sure why. But she was certain none of them would like her mummy’s porridge. *** After breakfast she decided she had better go to check on the red ribbon. Mummy and daddy were arguing about something. Probably money, because they didn’t have any. “Poor as church mice we are.” Mummy would say, and then launch into how she had had money in her family and had once been pretty and look at her now. Saddled with debt, and all this.