Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 73

This time, with the love that filled this haven, they would succeed. But she would have to wait to clean out her mother’s flowerbed next spring. Mary Elizabeth Fricke I consider myself ‘pure country’. My husband is the fifth generation owner/operator of our family farm in central Missouri. We hope to be able to preserve our lifestyle and land for our grandchildren. Sadly the ‘demise of the family farm’ is a frequent concern and something I try to incorporate in whatever I write. I have been writing since childhood. My first novel, about our life here on the farm was published in 1993. Dino, Godzilla and the Pigs (SoHo Press) Beyond publishing in non-fiction I have also worked as a ghostwriter. More recently, my writing interests have turned to romantic fiction through publications of the Sweet Pea Trilogy and the Birds in Peril Series