Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 71

building she’d left behind. She’d grown up here, watched her parents age here. So much of her essence was buried inside the depths of the stone house she and Andy had recently moved into. Even now, even though there was no fire in the huge hearth in the family room, she could recall the scent of smoke rising from the chimney. She could hear the voices, laughter, conversations, so many conversations and yes, sorrow too. The stone house and the storage buildings and detached garage beyond were not just familiar memories, they were safe havens. How many times had she come to this place seeking comfort, love and recognition? Wind rustled the trees, rippling her hair and causing her to nestle the collar around her neck. It rattled a loose gutter on the house. Her shrewd, contemplating eye caught a slipping tile on the roof and the chipped paint on the upper window dormers. Her gaze dropped to lower floor windows that were no longer glistening clean and the gathering of dusty tree litter along the front stoop. The flowerbed lining the house foundation and the walk needed serious tending. She smiled, remembering cleaning those flowerbeds on numerous occasions. Her mother was a particular horticulturist wanting absolute perfection. Mom spent hours tending her flowers indoors and out while Dad had been a bit more lax in repairs on the house. Hence, the loose gutter and slipping roof tile. She would find more if she searched. Mom was no longer here to tend her flowers. Dad was…perhaps there was more work than she imagined. Perhaps it wasn’t time to take this step just yet…perhaps… There were disappointments twice before. She wondered if they would succeed this time. Was it the right thing or should they not take this step just yet? After their attorney called she wanted to phone Andy with the news right away; but decided she should wait until this evening when they could discuss everything in detail. The situation