Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 70

Blessings By Mary Elizabeth Fricke The tree leaves folded over the road like a colorful canopy. So many colors. The sunlight peeping through here and there, a bright beacon turning the leaves to a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors radiating through the mass covering high wide limbs. She had always loved fall. The mild temperatures and colors as days grew short, beckoning the coming winter. She loved watching the animals scurry to create their winter hideaways and birds fly south seeking warmer climes against pending frost. The mild wind created enough chill she was grateful for the jacket she’d pulled on before leaving the house for this short stroll. She gathered the front panels closer, hugging herself, not so much for warmth as to gather her thoughts while taking this mental assessment. She needed to consider the situation out here in God’s enchanting world. Her gaze traveled past the trees lining the lane to take in the