Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 6

The Magic of Blackmire Forest By Erika M Szabo Generations upon generations, Blackmire Forest was the favorite place of the witches of the Enchanted Maple Coven to search for their ingredients—herbs, barks, leaves, and flowers. Their paths were clearly marked by the coven’s sigil that had been painted on the tree trunks. Camilla Highmore and her fellow young acolytes, Sarah and Xavier, who were in their late teens, reached the knoll and found the witches’ path. Their long years of apprenticeship was over, and they were expected to perform the final test before they’d be considered as fully trained witches. They had to find the Woodruff Iris needed to brew the potion as their last test, and the instruction had been very clear. The Woodruff