Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 57

by the site of the young, dark-haired girl standing on a green hill with white puffy clouds and lush trees in the background. “Now,” Mark whispered in awe, “all we have to do is wait for just the right light.” Anna lifted her head, nose high in grace and humility. It was she who dared defy The Ages- her kind. Born like humans, as children, who reach maturity and then never age further, she dared to paint her a past and a future she could control. When the other Ages found out, a thief on an assassin’s mission was sent to steal one of her portraits. Without both of them together, it would mean a death sentence. But that was all behind her now. The twin portraits were united on the hill, in the very place Anna herself had painted them. As the sunset and the sky turned a golden orange, Anna’s age began to melt away. The shawl in the future painting became bold grey wool to match the one draped around the young girl in the other painting. In moments, after a golden shower of light had dissipated, Anna was a combination of the two images, with long flowing dark hair and a subtle smile of triumph. Anna stood on a golden hill surrounded by dark tree branches as the sunset behind her. Anna tilted her head to the side and glanced forward to an unknown future.