Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 56

Mark patted Anna’s hand before standing and announced. “I’ve made all the necessary arrangements for us to go out on the hill today. There you will find the portrait of the young girl.” Tears formed in the corners of Anna’s eyes and she struggled to swallow and gather air to speak. “Mark are you sure it’s the right one? I can’t risk such a journey if you aren’t sure.” Mark took a deep breath and nodded his head, his long dark hair bobbing forward and then back. “It’s the one, my love. It’s you as a child. It’s the self-portrait you painted the same day as the portrait of your future self.” Anna pushed her body forward, discarding teacups and biscuits and threw off her covers. “We mustn’t waste another moment. I must reunite the twin portraits and regain my youth and power.” *** Trudging up the hill, in one hand Mark toted the future portrait and grasped Anna around the waist with the other. Anna held tightly to Mark with one hand and use the support of a marble cane in the other to fight her way up the hill, an easy feat for Mark, but a true battle for the fading Anna. At the crest of the hill, there stood two easels, one empty and one containing a covered image. Mark placed the future portrait on the empty canvas and then turned both easels to face one another. Anna reached out to Mark who took her hand and helped to place her in just the right position as they waited for dusk to come. Anna stood, with the support of her cane, and watched as Mark approached the covered image to reveal what laid beneath. With one flip of his wrist, the drape was pulled away and Anna stared at her younger self for the first time in a half-century. She clutched her chest, overcome