Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 51

many centuries these humans still don’t believe in the gods. How foolish they are.’ Loki rubbed his hands over his chin. ‘Now, what mischief can I conjure up? Changing their minds about the existence of the Norse gods would help. Or, I could shape-shift into a savage beast. Better still, I could show them what a real god looks like instead of the pathetic specimen they chose to play me. Yes, what an interesting thought; playing myself seems the best option. I guarantee carnage and mayhem tomorrow. Oh... If only Freya could see me now?’ He grinned as he licked his lips with expectation. ‘Maybe tomorrow is going to be a fun day after all.’ A flash of light and a goddess swathed in pure white robes appeared. “I think I’d like to join in your mischief Loki. I can’t have a human woman looking as beautiful as I, can I?” Loki bowed low to Freya, the Goddess of Sex and Fertility. “My wonderful Goddess of Love and Infidelity, what a pleasure to see you again.” His scornful laughter faded away as he disappeared in a wisp of smoke. Freya smiled. ‘I’ll play Loki at his own game. Whilst he plays himself, I’ll take the place of the long-haired girl with generous lips. I can visualise his shocked face when he realises I’m undermining his every word and deed. And when he eventually returns to our home in Asgard, I’m sure Odin and the other gods will be generous with their sarcasm.’ ‘After all his malicious acts against me, the sweet taste of revenge will soon be mine.’