Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 50

shoulders. With flawless skin and generous lips, she looked like a goddess. Seeing Inger dressed in clothes he had never seen before, Einar took his time, wondering what Loki had done. He loved Inger more than himself and now she was gone, sent to another land by Loki, the god he had always admired. ‘Could he fight this god? Would he be able to bring Inger safely home?’ His mind twisted like a tornado inside his head. Inhaling several times helped to slow his heart rate and bit by bit he brought his raw emotions under control. “Where is she?” He asked through clenched teeth. Loki shrugged. “She now lives in the year 2020. Her clothes are made of silk and cotton, her hair longer and luxurious, but most importantly any disease in her body has been cured.” Uffe tripped and fell as he ran forwards. From his sitting position, he shouted at Einar. “I couldn’t stand against a God, could I?” “Cut! Cut!” “That’s enough for today everyone. We may have to repeat some of the takes tomorrow, but we’ll see once we look at the film this evening. Anyway, well done, it’s a good start. So go home, rehearse your next lines, relax, and I’ll expect you back at 8.30 am tomorrow.” As the lights were finally extinguished and the doors to the giant hanger closed, all was quiet. Hanging from the bar holding the gantry lights, Loki tried hard to suppress his sniggering as he leapt to the floor of the hanger. He made a soft landing. A flick of his fingers and the set was swathed in bright lights once more. ‘What a terrible script. I’ve seen better acting when the fairies come asking Freya for more power when they really want fertility charms. And, with all their knowledge gathered over so