Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 49

Uffe inhaled deeply. “Listen, I haven’t the power to send anyone into the future but I knew it was pointless to argue with Inger. Einar, you of all people know how stubborn she can be and that’s why I agreed even though I knew it wouldn’t work. How could I know Loki was in the guise of your, Inger?” “Loki? The Charlatan God! I don’t believe you.” “But it’s the truth. Listen to me, please. Inger told me to say the following words. ‘Send this woman to the 20th year.’ I laughed and told her not to waste her time on something impossible. But she didn’t listen. She demanded I help her and you know how persuasive she can be. Eventually, I agreed, as I was so sure my power was insufficient to send her into the future. Nevertheless, I was shaking so much I repeated myself and said the 20-20 year. As Inger vanished, I heard mocking laughter and the words, ‘I am Loki, the Immortal God. Thank you for believing in me.’ I wish you’d been here, Einar.” “You think me so stupid?” Einar placed his right hand around Uffe’s throat and gently squeezed. “Where is this master of trickery? I don’t see him. Are you lying to me, Uffe? A flash of lightning hit the wall nearby. Both men jumped and turned around. A figure dressed in black emerged from the burnt ground. He bowed, smiled and laughed loudly, pointing at two open mouths. “I am Loki, the Trickster God of many faces. And naturally, the God of Mischief. You called me and here I stand.” Uffe ran towards Loki. “Tell him, show Einar the beautiful picture of Inger. Loki waved one arm in the air and a picture of Inger appeared. Her long brown hair was pulled back from her face to cascade over her