Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 48

“Where is she, Uffe?” Einar spat the words out leaving a trail of spit on the man’s face. “Leave me alone. I need a drink. Where… Aaah!” With blood running freely from his broken nose, Uffe now found breathing through his mouth easier. Einar leaned in closer. “If you don’t give me satisfactory answers, I’ll cut off your balls, Seidr-man and leave you tied to a stake so your tame wolves can enjoy a good meal.” Uffe nodded as he began wiping away the blood from his face. “Inger is safe but lost. You know I am a sorcerer; you know the gods favour me. But you could never understand the massive surge of energy flowing through my body two days ago. I felt so powerful, so mentally strong. Soon afterwards, your beautiful Inger visited me. She knew about my new power. I asked her how she knew but she ignored my question. Instead, she begged me to use my potency and send her into the future. I told her no, I am only a Seidr and it wasn’t possible. She pleaded, threatened me, and offered me her body. And that’s when I knew something was wrong. Your Inger would never stray like that. Her kind deeds have helped many families and her warm smile is welcomed everywhere. More importantly, she loves you, body and soul.” Einar looked at the sorcerer trembling before him. Maybe, Uffe was telling the truth, he thought. But maybe he wasn’t? “Go on!” “To placate her feelings, I… reluctantly agreed.” Seeing two ice- cold orbs boring into him, Uffe edged further away. “You agreed? If I didn’t need to know what happened, I’d gut you now, you pathetic swine.” Einar spat at the Seidr, allowed him to see vengeance in his eyes as he awaited an answer.