Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 46

A tick pulled at his jaw. “How?” “My love, I want you to kill them all. You are clever: I’m sure you can think of something suitably terrifying; something that will echo all the way back to your crystal palace.” “You would start another war?” he growled, fists clenching. “No, my love,” I smiled as those cold pieces of my heart solidified, “I would finish one – and make the maggots crawl!” © L.L. Thomsen LL weaves tales of epic proportions for the mature reader, commonly in the high fantasy genre. Inspired by Wurts and Erikson, she treats the reader to stories of literary depth and unusual characters, mystery, intrigue and adventure, all presented in a visual, honest style that evokes a sense of immersion and reality. LL lives near the Sherwood Forest, UK, with her family, which includes a dog and a cat.