Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 45

Elvern royal! If enough time passed, they would never suspect foul play; not being a real genie, I would not be bound as one, and-” “You were never a Genie?” My prisoner blinked, understanding slowly clearing the clouds from his eyes. Was that anger I finally spied as he knelt before me like a slave? “Of course not!” I made my voice hard and made myself laugh as though bemused by his ailing intelligence, “And neither are you! Still, your life is tied to the lamp just the same – and you, my love… you will help me take back the territories your father stole from the Humans; you will help bring your nation to its knees; and you will do it with a smile if I order you to!” “The lamp is verily a Grim Trap?” Up till then I don’t think Ang’Liamnar had really believed my callous intentions; up till then I think he’d still held out belief that I hadn’t intentionally gone out of my way to rain misery down on his existence, but now he saw me for what I really was; for what I really wanted. My soul shrivelled when I witnessed his dark eyes narrow with the pain of betrayal, then anger. Before long it would turn to hate. I knew it. My heart sundered into a thousand cold pieces. Suddenly he looked just like his brother after all. He tried to move, I could feel the ripple across the Weaves of magic that tied him to the lamp. I couldn’t bear it. “Rise.” I demanded and he flowed upright, the move elegant and fluid but I spied danger in his abused aura. Tilting my head to look him in the eye, ignoring the tears that formed in my own, I said, “Your soldiers; your Hunters, are following us. I want you to stop them. Now.”