Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 44

“No!” I protested. Fiercely. “No, Bellaria! We can go now. Before they come back.” “Etruia, listen, and listen good,” My twin smiled bitterly, “They killed Gendaron: my love, my light. They forced a wedding night upon me but I will not give life to the High-Kings bastard spawn. I will not!” “But I can heal-” “No sister. No you cannot.” Bellaria smiled softly, then told me, “I’ve taken poppy shade. But you can make them pay. Like papa said. Remember the ‘long game’…?” “I remember.” A sound escaped Liam. I realised I’d been speaking aloud. “Bellaria shushed me.” I continued. Toneless. “I knew we did not have long. As though she’d planned it, my twin pointed towards a golden lamp – the one we now both know so well – and I hastily grasped it, cradling it in my arms. “The Elvern covet beautiful things almost as much as power,” Bellaria reminded me, “Do you remember the old tales of far-away lands we used to read? Remember the one about the Genie in the lamp?” “I nodded. I remembered. “You will have to sleep for a little while,” Bellaria told me, “but enchant the lamp to awaken you when the century is up; cast a spell to make it a Grim Trap; avenge us. Play the ‘long game’ and turn it against them: take back the future. Make the maggots crawl!” “I stared at the lamp. I knew exactly what she was saying. Some thoughts never needed to be spoken aloud between us. I could cast a Weave just so: ensure my lamp would attract the most powerful