Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 43

whereabouts, even should they have wanted to, so they were executed one by one.” I sighed hard. “I would have given myself up but I had not the strength nor power to do so. I regretted every heartbeat; every cruel slash of their blades, every twist of magic, but eventually they left. Eventually… “Days passed. I think. I could not move, but I did not want to. In due course the original binding spell began to lift. Weak and fearful of what I might come across I stumbled from the remains of the kitchen…” My next sigh became a sob, “What met me was the rubble of my father’s kingdom, the desecration and enslavement of what had been my world; my people’s world; my family’s world; I made it to the stateroom the day your celebrated father sent mine kicking and screaming into a Grim Trap. It was in the shape of full-size silver mirror. They left it on display for a week before your brother with the raven eyes and the pale hair smashed it, leaving my father to wander the in-between forever: with neither a way back, nor forward. By then mother and my siblings were already gone, but my twin had become your father’s trophy. Liam, they’d hurt her! Even as my father suffered his demise, her gaze was on something only she could see.” I paused, then said, “I swore I would save my sister. And I almost did. Later that night, I found her. I dropped my guise and I got through to her; implored her to leave with me, and for a blink her gaze turned lucid and her voice spoke reason, yet I had already lost her.” I closed my eyes. “I’m not long for the Void, Etruia.”