Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 40

Now it was my turn to quiver. “The surge of violent magic hit a blink after. It was a blunt boom that was felt more than heard, then the very walls began to shake as it echoed like a silent shock-wave, pushing wild energy ahead of it, like a ripple across a pond – expanding as it blasted through the kitchen like some reaping entity of invisible construct. It hit me and flung me sideways, something in my ears popping, then hot fluid leaked down my earlobe. “Everything slowed. I could see the Weave spill through the kitchen, the foundations of my father’s vast castle now groaning as the floor buckled and the staff screeched; many lost their balance, falling like dominoes. My ears were ringing. I tried to get up but couldn’t; those who somehow stayed on their feet tried in vain to stop the tables from upturning, the shelves from tipping, and the utensil from rattling to the now mole-hole shot floor, but it was a lost cause. “Then the second Weave took out the rest. A pillar buckled in the corner, the ceiling crashed in: a deluge of plaster and white dust. Screams erupted as pans of boiling water bounced from the stoves; injuring. I watched as ovens split; the giant fireplace shook apart, spilling hot coals onto the spit-dog and maiming Cook as she tried to intercept. Mercy, Liam, I tried to counter the disaster with a flash Weave to null the horrors, but it did not take as intended. It should have worked. But it didn’t! Instead the Weaves behaved like lead weights as I grabbed to affect a Persuasion that never took…” Ang’Liamnar swallowed audibly, his pale skin almost see- through. “I… I’m sorry.” I cast him a blunt look and clutched my arm where my bracelet rested beneath my black sleeve.