Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 34

The ripples in the water swirled faster and faster encircling mother and daughter until they were both submerged under the lake. *** One month later~ The Jensons decided to buy the Lake House. One afternoon as they were taking a stroll by the lake, they noticed a large area of Snapdragons on the east end. Mrs. Jenson turned to her husband putting her hand around his waist, “We really made the right decision buying this house. It’s so peaceful here. It’s right where we were meant to be. We’ve finally found our paradise.” “I have to agree, darling. By the way, did you ever get ahold of Mr. Dawson to tell him how pleased we are?” Mr. Jenson asked. “Yes, I have. There was a voicemail stating that he had relocated to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I’ll have to phone him at his new number.” Just as the couple turned to head back to the house a flash of red caught their eyes. It was a young fox dashing across the path up ahead. “And I think we’re going to love the neighbors as well,” Mrs. Jenson added.