Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 33

“This is good magic, my dear. You have nothing to fear. You don’t know me, but I am your great grandmother, Iris. I’m sure your Aunt has mentioned me.” “How could you be the Lady in the legend? This is not possible!” “Oh, it is quite possible my dear. You see I am the Lady of the Lake and the guardian of the forest that surrounds the area. I am of Fae origin as well as you. Your fate was decided the day you were born. You must join your family in our realm, where you were meant to be. It is through this portal that you will travel and finally be home.” Linarial was quick to respond to the voice. “My fate is to marry Reed and have a family.” “Your family is right here, and your mother has been waiting for you. You cannot marry a mortal in this world.” Linarial backed up and walked toward the banks. A different voice spoke—this time Linarial recognized it. It was that of her mother. “My child—you must join us. I’ve waited for years for the day to see you again.” A transparent figure emerged from the water. Linarial stood frozen. It was indeed her mother. She appeared to look the same as she remembered her as a child. “But I thought you died—I don’t understand.” “Come my dear—all will be clear when you join us.” The figure extended her arms, welcoming her daughter. “Let me touch you.” Linarial walked toward her mother and reached for her hand. It felt warm. The transparent figure became more solid and embraced Linarial. “You are going home my dear.”