Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 32

Lake House. Her jean cutoffs were a good choice for such a warm day. As she left through the hall area, she noticed her aunt’s muddy shoes on the mat by the door. That’s odd—there’s been no rain for weeks. Once again, Linarial attributed her aunt’s comment to her age. Now she was eager to get back to the lake. As she passed by the state park, her thoughts turned to the spirits that may be in the forest from the Shawnee Tribe. I’m going to find out just who this is and solve this mystery. Her thoughts came to a halt when Reed had texted her. No Worries Take care of your Aunt. I’ll l come by tonight to check on both of you. Love you. Reed xo Linarial shot Reed a short reply as she parked in the driveway of the Campbell’s Lake House. She walked briskly toward the lake. The lake was smooth as glass and the sun shone brilliantly on the water. The water’s got to be warm even this early. Linarial waded in the water and sunk in up to her knees. She looked around for signs of life, but all was quiet. Not a breeze or even a quack from the usual ducks. “Okay—so you know I’m here. Just who are you and what do you want with me?” Linarial looked deep into the water. The water began to ripple, and large rings appeared a few feet from where she was standing. “What magic is this?”