Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 31

Aunt Mavis’s return hug was so strong it nearly took the breath out of her niece. She pulled away. Linarial noticed her usually warm brown eyes a bit watery this morning. “You feeling okay?” “It’s just these darn allergies. I didn’t get much sleep last night,” Aunt Mavis revealed. “Well, I want you to rest today. I’m not going out with Reed tonight. I’ll be home with you, and we can sit and have a long chat over tea.” “So what are your plans today? You know we still have to go shopping for shoes to match that dress you’re wearing to the engagement party.” “Yes, I know. We can do that this Saturday. I think I’ll take a drive back out to Mirror Lake. I didn’t want to tell you, but something’s been bothering me; it was the other night when I met Reed out at his open house.” Aunt Mavis’s eyes suddenly lit up. “You actually went out to the lake? What happened?” “I heard a strange voice coming from out of the water. It said I was meant to be here, and it was waiting for me. It was a woman’s voice—and a soft one.” “Well, you know the legend, my dear. Maybe the spirit called to you knowing you have a kind heart.” “Why would it tell me I belong here?” Linarial poured herself another cup of coffee and paced by the kitchen sink. I’m driving back out there this morning—in the daylight.” “I know you will do the right thing,” Aunt Mavis commented. Linarial was silent as she tried to decipher just what her aunt had said. She shook it off and went to get dressed then head out to the