Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 29

lake. But I don’t remember how she got there and what her purpose is. The sun was setting and Linarial turned to head back when that flash of red appeared again. This time it came into focus. It was a red fox. It seemed to lock eyes with her then dash off into the forest. “So it’s you! You nearly scared me to death!” “Lanarial! Linarial!” she heard Reed calling her name. He met her halfway on the path back to the house. “I was worried about you. You went out to the lake, didn’t you?” “Yes . . . I . . . did.” Her voice was breathless. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing. I saw a fox and it startled me.” “I’m sorry. They are common in this area. Do you like the lake?” “Yes. It’s quite beautiful.” Lanarial kept her secret as she and Reed walked back to the house. She didn’t want him to think she was losing it. She had wondered if she was. She was quick to make conversation. “Well, how did it go? Are they interested?” “Hard to tell. The wife liked it, but her husband said they were still looking.” “Listen . . . Reed, I was thinking—” “Oh, that can be dangerous,” he quipped. “No—seriously! What if we buy this place? I mean it’d be perfect.” Reed hugged her tightly, “Listen, love, I plan to move us out of this small town. I was thinking of somewhere in the Carolinas. I have contacts in South Carolina, and we could get a beach house.”