Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 28

She exited through the back deck and headed toward the fence that lined the large property. It was roughly a quarter of a mile to Mirror Lake. The sun would be setting in about an hour. The early evening air was still warm and smelled of pine as she walked along the path. She spotted a flash of red dart ahead and froze. What was that? Thoughts ran through her mind of the legends of Native American ghosts and other spirits. She could smell the scent of the lake ahead. The reeds had a sweet smell that invaded her nostrils. Linarial stood at the edge of the lake where a few large boulders were stacked, and some old rickety docks stood. It was apparent no one had used them in a while. The water was calm, almost as though it was a sheet of glass. No wonder they call this, Mirror Lake. It has such beauty! She walked toward the east end of the lake where she noticed a large patch of wildflowers mixed along with the reeds. Some Mallards were enjoying the water as well. It didn’t take long for Linarial to take off her sandals and wade in the shallows. She caught her reflection in the water and her coppery hair seemed to shine brighter than it ever had. She ran her hand along her long wavy locks looking deeper. “You are beyond beautiful my dear. I’ve been waiting for you,” a soft voice whispered from below the water. Linarial jumped out of the water, her heart racing. “Who is this? Who’s there?” “This is where you are meant to be, my dear.” The voice came again. “What do you want with me? Why can’t you tell me who you are?” No answer came. Linarial stood frozen on the banks of the lake scanning the area. So the legends must be true! There is a lady in the