Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 27

check out her backside in her skinny jeans and green satin tunic top. Being a warm evening in June she decided to skip her wrap. She drove along the center of the quaint village where Amish farms dotted the landscape. It was another twenty-minute drive to the countryside on the upper north side. As she passed the forested area, her thoughts rushed back to her school days when she learned of how the area was home to the Shawnee tribe and how most of this land was touted as sacred grounds. As a child, she’d always wanted to explore the area. Her thoughts quickly turned to Reed and their upcoming engagement party next week. I know I love Reed and hopefully can make him happy. I could never compete with his former girlfriends. I wouldn’t even begin to try. Linarial pulled into the drive of the Lake House and checked her makeup in the rearview mirror. She added a fresh coat of sparkly lip- gloss. Reed met her at the door. “You look gorgeous!” “Think so? I wasn’t sure—“ “Come—let me show you the house before the Jensons get here,” Reed stated. Linarial was eager to see the house and especially the grounds. The large wood-beamed ceilings and wall-to-wall fireplace reminded her of a ski lodge. She imagined what it would be like to make love to Reed in front of the fire. She knew they’d be looking for a new home after they married and wondered if maybe this might be the perfect home for them. She’d wait till later to bring it up. The Jensons were just pulling up. Linarial didn’t feel comfortable while Reed was working, so she told him she’d explore the grounds.