Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 26

Ohio. He was attracted to Linarial last year when he was at the floral shop she managed purchasing flowers for his secretary. Her gentle voice and those piercing green eyes had him melting as she helped him select the perfect arrangement. Prior to their meeting, he was dating mostly women who were high society gals. He enjoyed helping Linarial choose more fashionable clothes. Some friends considered her to be his ‘project’. But it turned out to be more than that when he realized he’d had his share of the fast lane and never wanted to settle down with the vain women he had dated. His mother was overjoyed that her son had finally found a respectable woman. His brothers would often jest with him at the prospect of being bored with her after a while and returning to his former lifestyle. *** Linarial padded into the kitchen where Aunt Mavis was standing at the stove cooking chili. “Mmm smells so good! I’m sorry I won’t be home tonight till late. I’m meeting Reed at the Campbell Lake House for a showing.” Auntie turned around and wiped her hands on her apron. “I’ll miss you at dinner, but I don’t blame you for going. I know you love that part of the area.” “I remember the legend you always told me about the Lady of the Lake. It always enchanted me as a child and still does.” “You always wanted to hear it before you went to bed—seemed to soothe you. The legend goes way back to your great grandmother, Iris. Now you just go and enjoy that handsome soon-to-be husband of yours. Linarial took one last look at herself in the bedroom mirror. I hope this is suitable for an Open House. She wondered as she turned to