Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 17

Skin smooth and flawless the color of cafe au lait Slight blush accents her high cheekbones Full lips the color of bruised roses Inviting and yet demure Her chestnut brown hair flows in soft curls down her back Luxurious, enticing fingers to run through it Dressed simply, her comely shape barely evident She watches Kord's eyes behold her Observes as his assurance in her guilt crumbles As he decides he has made a mistake The vision before him is all the proof he needs Proof of her Innocence is in his eyes The eyes of the beholder Kord finally stands before Corey Returning her smile he begins to apologize For his anger, and his obvious accusations Corey's smirk mistaken for a smile He looks at her closely Noting how long lashes frame her forest green orbs At first Corey's eyes invite him Coy, Innocent Slowly they draw him in Too late he realizes he is looking into a sea of darkness Drawn into the abyss of her being