Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 16

Gravel sprays everywhere as he slams on his brakes Looking through his windshield, she can see his face Officer Kord is driven, angry...fuming He unholsters his gun as he opens the door Head down as he slams it shut His pace reveals his determination Steps strong and firm Quickly he covers the space between them Corey stands waiting for him Watching his every move Marking every nuance of his gestures Waiting for him to look up He must look up and see her sometime Will his gait change? Finally he does look at her She can tell it was just a glance But still he faltered She smirks, for now she knows Kord is not sure, not really He pauses and takes a long look at her Beholding her, this woman he was seeking Corey knows she is not beautiful But she is PERFECT No makeup could improve her looks