Golden Box Book Publishing One Picture: Thousands of Words - Page 13

Sarah glanced at Xavier with a sad expression in her eyes, and when Xavier nodded, Sarah looked up at the High Priestess. “We have a confession to make.” “Oh? What is it, child?” “We…” Sarah started and cleared her throat. “Xavier and I didn’t get the flower. We were unsuccessful in finding it and Camilla took two extra flowers and gave them to us.” Xavier looked at Sarah and added in a shaky voice, “We don’t deserve to be witches, only Camilla does.” “I know, my messenger told me,” the High Priestess admitted and glanced at raven sitting on the windowsill. “I was just waiting for you to admit it.” “So, we have to wait another year, right?” Sarah asked. “No, child. You don’t have to wait. The three of you passed the test because of Camilla’s loyalty. She could have taken only one flower, but she took three because she has a good heart, and she’s loyal to her fellow apprentices. Being a member of our coven is not about competing with each other and outdoing each other. It’s about love and loyalty to each other and helping one another.” *** After the initiation ceremony a week later, Camilla and her grandmother went on a journey to discover more about the room that had been hidden for centuries. The spicy-sharp autumn air of Blackmire Forest smelled of pure magic as they followed the path to the ancient Maple Tree that guarded the sacred place deep in the woods.