Golden Box Book Publishing January Online Magazine - Page 8

The Wheels of the Gossip Mill A short story by Erika M Szabo People are so quick to assume and judge without checking the facts. Sometimes it turns out to be funny, but other times the quick judgment and gossip could cause havoc and heartache. The old neighbor across the street approached my friend's husband shortly after they moved to their new home. "I just want to warn you that your wife is having an affair." "Oh?" he said. "What makes you say that?" "Because that young guy you know with the beard and long hair comes over quite a lot when you're not home, and he stays for hours. And yesterday, a black fella came with him, too." "I know," my friend’s husband replied. "He's been helping my wife painting the nursery, and the black fella is his longtime boyfriend." The old man's jaw fell. "You mean he's gay?" "Yes, he came out long ago, when he was a teenager."