Golden Box Book Publishing January Online Magazine - Page 6

The Hooded Bandit A short story by Erika M Szabo When I was working for a Visiting Nurse Company, I visited 7-8 home-bound patients a day. One rainy day getting out of my car I put my black coat's hoodie on and walked up to the apartment building. A few seconds after I got out of the elevator on the third floor, the lights went out. The hallway turned pitch dark, and I couldn't see anything. Great! They forgot to change the battery in the emergency lights. I fumed. But at least, I didn't get stuck in the elevator. I took my small penlight out of my uniform pocket and made my way to apartment 3 C to visit Mrs. Jones who was recuperating after her knee replacement. A few seconds after I knocked on the door, I heard the shuffle of her walker and then the click of the peephole cover followed by a loud scream. "Get the gun, Joe!" she yelled and screamed again. "There is a hooded bandit at the door!"