Golden Box Book Publishing January Online Magazine - Page 5

Every author is unique, not only as a person but as a writer as well. Each of us sees things a little differently, and each of us has a unique “muse” to whisper stories into our ears when a sight, smell, sound, or touch triggers a story. One morning as I was searching for a picture to do a book cover design, I came across a portrait of a young woman. Her expression woke up my muse in an instant and a story started forming in my mind. Then, a thought occurred to me. What if I would challenge a few author friends to look at the picture and write a short story of their own? We did, and the result was amazing. Not only did we write the stories in different genres and styles, but everyone saw something different in the young woman’s expression, eyes, body posture, and the colors of the portrait, but the combination triggered totally different stories in our minds. This collection of short stories will be published in February, free of charge, and the purpose of the anthology is to introduce the writing style of the authors, to readers.