Golden Box Book Publishing January Online Magazine - Page 10

The Patient Whisperer A short story by Erika M Szabo A large man in the ER screamed bloody murder, after two nurses tried to insert an IV in his arm and failed. The guy threatened to call his lawyer and sue the hospital. He called the nurses incompetent fools, so, because I was the supervisor on that shift, they called me to deal with the angry man. I walked into his room, introduced myself and told him, “Sir, I’m going to try to start your IV.” He yelled, “This hospital is full of *** idiots! I hope you know what you’re doing!” I put my nurse’s face on and said in my soothing nurse’s voice to break his foul mood, “Don’t worry, sir, I just watched a video on YouTube and learned how to start IVs.” The surprised look on his face was priceless, and I heard the nurses taking sharp breaths outside the door, ready for another angry eruption. “What? You’re kidding, right?” I just smiled at him and started preparing the IV kit.