Golden Box Book Publishing Imagination - Page 23

A 90 minutes read about unconventional family, relationship compromises and sacrifices. Nancy arrives home from a long day at work. She kicks off her high heels and walks into the kitchen. Bruce lights the candles on the dinner table and embraces her in a warm hug. Her two girls, ages five and six, are running from the playroom to greet her. Their handsome seventeen-year-old boy looks up from his computer and smiles at her. A beautiful picture, isn’t it? The man plays the role of the happy househusband and the wife is the breadwinner. Nothing is wrong with that. But, let’s just see how they got to this ideal picture of a happy home. I wrote this short story remembering all the seemingly perfect families I've met in my life. They show a picture-perfect family life but hide the struggles, heartache, compromises, and sacrifices they made to get there. People are not perfect, and we all come with a baggage. We can live a happy life or a create a chaotic life. It all depends on the choices we make. Read more on AMAZON Or on my WEBSITE