Golden Box Book Publishing Golden Book Award Semifinalists - Page 10

The contest judges are avid readers, teachers, and published authors (the authors who are volunteer judges in the contest are forbidden to enter their own book in the contest)

‚ÄčThe judges remain anonymous throughout the contest to avoid soliciting messages asking for favors and getting harassing messages.

The judges are volunteers and are not getting paid for their work. However, at the end of the contest they will receive a gift card. The amount will depend on the amount of submitted books.

The semifinalist selection guideline that were give to the judges:

The judges click on the nominated books in each genre and read the Amazon book blurbs as well as the free sample pages

They rate each book on the scale of 1-10 by answering the guideline questions:

Is the cover eye-catching?

Does the cover represent the genre of the book?

Does the cover give an enticing hint about the story?

Does the book blurb introduce a problem, promise or twist?

Does the blurb emphasize the mood of the story?

Does the book blurb make you feel like you want to read the book?

Can you picture the character(s) and scenery in your mind when you're reading the free chapters?

Is the author's writing style engaging enough to make you turn the pages?

Based on the cover, blurb, and free sample pages, would you read this book?