Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 66

JB Richards JB Richards is an historian and international multi-award- winning, multi-genre Amazon, Goodreads, and Xlibris author. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and History. Richards has published two historical fiction novels about the life of Christ, two epic lgbtq fantasy novels, and a revenge horror centered in Appalachia. She is currently working on completing her Dragon’s Heir Trilogy, the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series, and the Kin Series, and has several new works in development. Richards is the founder and driving force behind the award-winning Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project (#IHIBRP), the Indieverse Resource Library (#IRL), the Indieverse Newsletter, the Indie Fabs Author Team, and the Indie Fabs Holiday #IndieBookParades. She is a lifelong resident of Manchester, New Hampshire, where she lives with her husband of 35-years, Daniel, her son, Matthew, and her three rambunctious but lovable pups, Monty, Ayden, and Spirit.