Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 6

when we were young. But always loved this magnolia tree. That’s why your parents chose this secluded spot to… Oh, Val. I miss you so much!” More than once, over the past four years, he’d been told he was young and there would be someone else in his life. He’d love someone, to fill the void, but nobody understood what it was like to find a true soulmate. “I miss you, every day, and I keep trying to push myself to keep going, but there have been so many times when I’ve thought about just ending it all. I know I shouldn’t. You would never forgive me if I’d throw my life away, but you were my life, and…” He took a deep breath. “I’m sorry. I know every time I come here it seems like I say the same thing. I want things to be different, but without you here, there’s no happiness in my heart.” *** Closing his eyes, Caleb remembered sitting at Valerie’s bedside on that dreadful day. He still remembered the two of them walking into the doctor’s office together to get her test results, just a few weeks before. She’d been feeling tired and sick for days, but neither of them had even thought it was possible she might be dealing with something as complicated as leukemia. She was fading fast, and the treatments wiped all her energy. She had to stay in the hospital because she no longer could keep fluids and food down. She was more tired than she ever had been before, but he could tell she was fighting, for him and for the future they’d always talked about. As she coughed, he reached over to get water for her, and she looked at him. The pain in her pale, thin face was impossible to ignore. Gently, he stroked stands of hair off her face, wishing there was something he could to take the pain away and make her well.