Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 59

Daniel held Sofia’s hand and swallowed hard, trying to get rid of the lump in his throat. “I tried so hard to find you, but my parents always hushed me when I asked, and we didn’t move back to my hometown until it was too late. Your Aunt Julia said you stopped visiting, and she refused to give me your address or phone number. A small, sad smile played in the corner of his lips as he continued, “I’ve been searching the net and social sites for years, but I couldn’t find anything about you.” Sofia gasped when the realization hit her. “My parents changed our last names shortly after my last visit when my little brother and twin sister died. My father said he wanted a fresh start. I really liked our new name, St. Claire. I asked about you and wanted to visit, but my parents kept us busy. They took us on vacation to New Zeeland and a lot of other places, and they never let us go to Hungary again. Grandma visited us once, but her visit was short and she argued a lot with my mother.” “No wonder I couldn’t find anything, I was searching Molnar, the name I knew. I always felt deep in my heart that destiny would bring us back together one day.” His eyes sparkled. “It really seems like it.” Sofia wondered. Daniel took a deep breath and hesitantly asked, “You mentioned Amelia when you and Jayden stayed with your grandma, Aniko, but I never met her.” “My parents didn’t let her travel. Mom said she was sick and had to stay home. She died when we were nine.” “I’m sorry.” “It’s… it’s okay. We weren’t that close. Because she was sick, mom didn’t let her play with me and she was homeschooled. It was a long time ago.”