Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 58

Daniel turned in his seat and reached for Sofia’s hand. “I thought you forgot me and I was desperate to find you. Once, when we lived on the other side of the Danube I took the train and went to your grandma’s house. She was furious and told me to forget about you because you’re never coming back, and then she called the police to take me home.” “I don’t understand why she would say something like that,” Sofia countered. “I never found out. By the time we moved back to my hometown, your grandma was gone.” Daniel’s voice turned sad. “Yes, she had passed away a year ago and left her house to my brother and me and to her best friend, Aunt Julia. My brother is staying with her and I’m going to stay there too for the entire summer.” “She’s a sweet old lady and I’m so happy to finally see you. Do you remember the last day we had spent together eight years ago?” He touched the cheap child’s friendship ring on his gold chain. Sofia’s eyes misted over and as she held her ring memories flooding her mind. She treasured the ring Daniel gave her the last day of her last visit when they had their first and only kiss… I remembered that kiss in my dream, she thought. Yes, my unconscious mind didn’t forget. The kiss in my dream felt exactly like our kiss so long ago. We were so young. I guess I blocked it out because it hurt too much when my parents forbid me to go back, and Daniel never answered my letters. “You’ve kept the ring too,” she said. “My mom had it plated with gold and the green glass stone replaced with emerald.” “No way! My brother did the same. Look, he had the blue store replaced with sapphire.”