Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 57

EXCERPT When I was young, my brother and I spent every summer with Grandma until I was about nine years old.” Sofia fondly remembered those summers. “She didn’t allow us to speak English during our visits. Your English is pretty good. Where did you learn?” She reached up with her pinky to pull a stray hair from over her eye and then pulled her necklace and started rolling it between her fingers absentmindedly. The boy stared at her and gasped, “I learned from my best friend when I was young. That ring on your necklace… where did you get that ring?” “A childhood friend gave it to me.” Sofia looked at him, surprised. The boy’s eyes lit up and his face flushed with excitement. “Sofia? Is that really you?” he asked with hope in his voice. “Look,” he pulled a leather string from his t-shirt with a friendship ring with green stone hanging on it and showed it to Sofia. “No way! Really? Daniel?” Sofia asked, thoughts rushing through her mind. Daniel—I haven’t thought of him for years. My goodness! We were so close, and I could hardly wait for the summer vacations, so I could see him. How could I not recognize him? “Yes, it’s me,” Daniel replied as he sat down. “Sofia, I missed you so much! I didn’t recognize you because you’ve changed a lot, but you seemed so familiar at the airport. That’s why I went over, which I rarely do… I mean… I don’t just walk up to every pretty girl.” “I didn’t recognize you either and I missed you too, Daniel.” Her voice choked with sudden emotion. “I was so sad when my parents told me that we were not going to visit Grandma anymore. Grandma sent back the letters I wrote to you, and when I called her, she said she didn’t know where you lived.”