Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 53

her eyes mirrored her resolve as she provoked him, “First, we must find the Dragon Stone, Kirin, for that was your primary mission before all of this happened.” Kirin picked up on the fact that Ejaenin had called him by his name. She usually only did so when she was deadly serious. He responded in kind, “It is still my intention to find the stone, Ejaenin, but my priorities have changed.” Briefly, he glanced over to where Tyriel still lay. “Have they?” Ejaenin asked, despite knowing what he meant. Seeing the consternation written on Kirin’s face, she sighed deeply before she declared, “It is imperative that we find the gem soon, for the longer we wait, the harder it will be to reverse the curses on those who suffer Its effects, not to mention restore your father’s name.” She turned to Kirin, set her shoulders back, and locked eyes with him. “I simply wish to know if your intention is to reverse these spells... to use the Dragon Stone and unite Its two halves within you or maintain your current form, Kirin.” “You think I want to be like this?” Kirin asked incredulously as Ejaenin stoically cocked her brow and cast him a quick sidelong glance. “Auntie Ejaenin, please... The constant yearning The Dragon inside of me has for Its other half is torturous!” Just as Ejaenin was about to apologize for upsetting him, a sudden rustling sounded behind them... Whoosh... Whoosh... Whoosh! Kirin’s heart skipped a beat as he turned and stared at the vision standing before them. As Ejaenin smiled wide and lifted her hand to keep the young prince in place, Kirin’s heart swelled a thousand times. A sudden tingling swept over his entire body-like a surge of warmth enveloping him, swirling all around him, penetrating his skin and bathing him in pure grace.