Golden Box Book Publishing GBBPub February Magazine - Page 52

The Curse of the Dragon Stone Unconventional love story An unconventional love story darkened by betrayal and a quest for vengeance! A beleaguered Prince destined to rule the Twelve Realms... A Nephilim seeking nothing more than love and acceptance... Six sister-witches pressed upon to steer fate... A mage lost to the creature invading his heart... And a spurned sorceress determined to seek vengeance against them all! A dark secret lies at the heart of the Fabiosa Clan, one that will have a major impact o n the ascendency of Prince Kirin to the Dragon Throne. Let your inner dragon take flight! “The Curse of the Dragon Stone: The Dragon’s Heir Trilogy Book 1” is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! EXCERPT “Have you given much thought lately to finding the Dragon Stone, Godson?” Kirin smiled as he searched Ejaenin’s eyes and contemplated her offer. He loved all his aunts dearly, but he had always felt especially close to Ejaenin. After only a few moments thought, he shook his head glumly and responded, “I must avenge my father’s death, Auntie...” he paused before adding, “as well as Tyriel’s attempted murder. Ejaenin’s heart went out to Kirin and she shook her head sadly. “You are so much like your father, Dear One,” she said as she regarded the determination in his tortured eyes. She took a deep breath in and paused to think of what she would do without her young prince. But,